The School Provides Hope

Many families in Haiti cannot afford to provide an education for their children. There is no free education in this country. After I completed my elementary education I became depressed in my life.  I went back to High school to gain a better education and God sent a missionary my way to pay for my tuition. Another one gave me a place to  stay and daily food to eat until I could find my  way in life.

Mercy and Compassion for Children

The name of the school is Bethesda, which means “mercy and compassion.” We enroll students from Preschool to 6th grade. We would like to expand to the 9th grade once more financial assistance is available. The school is highly esteemed in our Community and considered one of the best schools in Madeline, Cap-Haitian, Haiti. It costs $250 US/year to send a child to our school with $25.00US/month. Due to the economic situation in Haiti, many parents are unable to pay for their children’s education, food and health needs. Sometimes providing even the basic needs for children is a big challenge in Haiti while those in other countries take for granted all they have to enjoy life with gratitude of heart to the Creator.

Feeding the Children

At Bethesda school the parents must pay for their child's tuition and provide uniforms for them. We used to feed the children at school because many of the children do not have sufficient food at home but we are unable to provide meals for them at this time. School is a place which they enjoy and this gives us the opportunity to make them feel special and loved, as we show them God's love and teach them about Jesus. The Bible is a subject that is taught just like math, French, and English and we teach them Christian songs.

Chapel Times

The children in Bethesda School go to the chapel each Monday and Friday to have devotions and to learn about Jesus. Then the teachers teach the Bible as a subject as part of their school curriculum. Many children have been given their life to Christ in school, then they begin going to church to gain spiritual maturity.