We exist to exalt God with passion, and by the power of the Holy Spirit we want to show compassion  to people by reaching  them for Christ.


My goal is for the teachers and the school to impact the students’ lives for Christ and raise a generation of Godly leaders from homes, churches, schools and to change the politics of Haiti and make the country a better place for all.   


AGRICULTURE: We want to see the Haitian people become self-sustaining and be able to use their skills to grow crops, raise chickens, goats and fish to feed their families and make money to provide for the financial needs of their families. We also want to make Micro-loans available to start up small businesses. We want them to be able to support the church without outside assistance all the time.


Bethesda Church wants to teach its members to be self-sustaining so we are helping them learn to raise chickens and beef, and to farm.  The fish tanks seen in this picture were once full of tilapia but neighbors broke into the facility and stole the fish at night, so we plan to build better fences and to raise fish again. We also want to make micro-loans available for church members to start new businesses. We welcome those who can teach these skills to visit us and train our people.

Construction Projects

We want to complete construction of washrooms for the children to use while in school. We also want to build a cafeteria, a library, more classrooms for more children, and a playground for the children. The picture to the right was taken in August 2019 which shows construction of two classrooms for 7th grade students for the coming school year.

Clean Water

The water in Haiti is unsuitable for drinking so we have to buy clean water. The school has a well but the generator for drawing out water is not working. We want to purchase a well-drilling machine to be able to drill more wells and provide healthy, clean water for everyone.


In addition to the above listed goals we are praying for a bus or van to pick up children for the school and for the pastor and his family who have no vehicle. They walk to church but need a vehicle to pick up visitors who come to visit us in Haiti. We would also like to eventually have an orphanage, a trade school, a medical clinic, a guest house for visitors, and a trade school. These are all long-term goals of this ministry.