We joyfully welcome you to visit our website to learn about our ministry in Haiti. Haiti was a gorgeous, tropical Island in the Caribbean and the Pearl of Islands. Christopher Columbus discovered this beautiful place in December of 1492 and he named it Hispaniola. Life was tough for the native Indians who lived there and slaves were brought from Africa to work in the fields. The slaves were oppressed and eventually fought for their freedom and in 1804 they won their freedom and Haiti became the first Independent black country in the world. Sadly, after winning its freedom Haiti was then occupied by several foreign countries and oppressed by a series of dictators who did not help the country prosper. As a result of bad governing the people of Haiti have suffered extreme poverty even to this day. The poverty is so widespread in Haiti that most families do not have access to jobs to provide the basic needs of their family, and their children do not have access to food, shelter, medical care or education.


We want to change Haiti through our church and our school as we demonstrate God's love and teach them life-changing principles from His Word. We invite you to join us in this ministry by donating to it and sponsoring a child's education, and by visiting us on a short-term mission trip.

News from Pastor Julio

November 19, 2022

Dear Friends,

The last several months have been very difficult in Haiti. With the price of gas up to $25 (US) we can no longer afford to buy gas for our generator for the church. People are very upset and are rioting and demanding that the government do something about this, but nothing happens. There have been gangs roaming around and there have been so many killings that it is too dangerous for us to open our school. Please pray for the violence to stop so that the children can return to our school safely. Also, pray for us to be able to afford to offer free meals to the students who come to school hungry, and pray for us to be able to buy a diesel generator for our church and school. I am visiting friends in Oklahoma and Georgia for the next two weeks and it has been a blessing. I did not have any problem entering the U.S. without having a vaccine. It is always a joy and honor to stay in contact with good friends in Christ. We have made some new friends already in Oklahoma. Please, pray for peace and work in Haiti.

May 2, 2022

Dear Friends,

We thank you for all the prayers and donations in Christ. We began to lay blocks for the library project for our school on April 12th and are almost finished. I share these pictures in case you cross paths with people and churches who would like to help with these projects. We thank God for all our dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. We keep asking for prayers for the funds to complete this project as we slowly move forward, one day at a time. We recently installed a new water pump and storage tank for the church and school (see pictures) and are praying for the funds to but a generator to provide us electricity for the church and school. The cost of the generator is $8000 (U.S.) and we have $4,000 saved for this. We are trusting God for the rest of the funds. We thank God for all of our dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. You are all a blessing!

April 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

The coronavirus has caused much pain for people all around the world and has affected those in Haiti, also. Many people in Haiti have been affected or died.  Our school and church has been closed since March 19th. We know that the Lord will protect us and watch over us all (Numbers 31:49) until this cruel enemy is gone forever. It is my prayer that the Lord of all knowledge will grant some skillful people wisdom and knowledge to end this epidemic that has taken the life of so many precious souls.

There are many cases of people infected or killed by the virus in Haiti. We thank God for His hand of protection over this nation until now. However, our greatest need in Haiti is food and water because many people are poor and because there are so many people without jobs in this country. It is the desire of our heart to help provide food for people as God leads people like you to share this burden with us. We respectfully pray for your donations and for you to come visit us when all is well again in the world. It is good to serve one another when that can be done to change some lives.We thank you and love you and pray for you. 

In His Grace, Julio

January 23, 2020

Great news today! Dr. Gardner has listed the names and pictures of 24 of our students who need sponsorships in order to continue their schooling and to pay for our teachers. Go to the "Sponsorship" page and look at the beautiful faces of our children. Maybe the Lord will lead you to sponsor one of these children's tuition for $25 per month or $250 per year. If so, please make donations to our ministry in order to support your selected child. Thank you for you support! If you will text Dr. Gardner at 918-413-5475, he will add your name on the Sponsorship page as the sponsor for a specific child for this school year, and text you a picture of your child, if you request it.

January 21, 2020

Good morning my friends,

The school is doing well. I thank all of you. I am blessed with the children from our school. 7 of the children from age 9-10 accepted Christ this morning as Savior and Lord in their life. I have been teaching in the church, and the children in school, about how to release their anger. Please pray for this work.

January  8, 2020

Good morning my friends,

The first day of school was yesterday. The students were happy to be able to go back to school to continue their education. It is always a joy for our teachers to teach them good values and to share the Word of God with them. We pray for total peace in Haiti because we want many friends from the US and Canada come to invest in our school and help our children. Praise God that it is peaceful now in Haiti. Pray that the U.S. Travel Advisory will change soon so that they encourage Americans to visit us.  We love you in Christ.


January 4, 2020

Good morning Friends,

This new year, 2020, starts with hopes for a blessed year. My dream is that Haiti will become a gorgeous again. Things are now politically peaceful in Haiti since the last week of December. The Christmas and new year celebrations were glorious events in the lives of many people. My visit to the U.S. was a blessing. The children will be going back to school on January 6th. We ask for prayers for them to have a good remainder of the school year, with rest from all of the political unrest. I can't wait to have many of you come visit us and participate in short-term mission trips. Please continue to pray for funds to purchase the property next door to our school so that we can expand our campus.

In His Love, 

Pastor Julio

December 9, 2019

Dear Friends. 

Greetings to you. I am visiting friends in the United States and will return to Haiti on December 23rd. Thank you for praying for Haiti. The political turmoil is decreasing and people are getting back to normal life. Some students have already returned and we expect all of them to return in a few weeks. It has been raining heavily in the last week and the campus is under water which makes it difficult for children to come to the school and for people to come to the church. We recently sponsored a soccer tournament for different ages and used that as an opportunity for the church to share the gospel with the soccer players as well as those in attendance. Please continue to pray for us for funds for the school and to purchase the property next door to expand our vision and create a guest house, a high school, a trade school, an orphanage, and a clinic. We pray that you have a wonderful Christmas as we celebrate the holy birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ!

November 19, 2019

Good morning my friends. We ask for continuing prayers for protection of our children and teachers and the school buildings. The half of the land or property next to our school is now for sale again. We ask for your prayers to collect at least $50,000 to purchase it to establish a clinic, orphanage and trade school, and to serve as a guest house in the future. I have been praying for a chance to purchase this property for over ten years. This is a big request but I know that if it is God's will he will make the funds available through friends like you who love this ministry.

I would prefer to stop all the projects just to buy this precious part of land to expand our ministerial territory for God's glory to impact more lives for Christ. Please join us in prayer and share this with other contacts. We will celebrate this success together in Christ.

November 14, 2019

We have opened the school but do not have many children yet.. I am sending a picture of some of the school chilren and a picture of the garden on our church and school property. We had an all-night prayer service on Nov. 1st to pray for peace and food and water for the people. We still need a lot of prayers. The people here want to attack our school and set it on fire. 

November 5, 2019

Good morning my friends! i would like to get some good bicycles for some teachers from our school.   We have 7 teacher who have no transportation and could use a bicycle. 

November 1, 2019

We plan to open the school again on Monday, Nov. 4th. Please pray for peace in Haiti and food and water for the people. I will buy them some food Suday because Pastor Glenn is helping us through his church in the U.S.. We are going to have an all-night prayer service tonight until the morning to sing praises to God our Father in Christ.   

September 19, 2019

Hello, my Friends,

I have found two people who agreed to see me materials to pay for in a few months. I pray fro all the prayers for this favor. I do need prayers for the funds to be able to keep my word to them and repay this debt. This morning we began pouring the roof over our chool in Haiti for the 7th grade classrooms (See pictures below). We ask for prayers for God's funds to pay our debts for the construction materials. We also ask for prayers for peace and prosperity in Haiti.

September 16, 2019

It is hard again in Haiti... "Country Lock" is the slogan in every place. There is almost no transportation and school is paralyzed since last week because of the unrest and riots for lack of gasoline and high food prices due to Haiti's political situation. There is not much work for people and because of some of these things most Haitians are furious. The people are upset because gas on the street sells for alost $10 U.S. per gallon and food is even difficult to buy. The politicians and business people take most of the money for themselves. It is chaos not in Haiti; they are burning tires and blocking the street in parts of Haiti.

Thank you for your prayers and your love and your donations for our school in Christ!

August 29, 2019

We need prayers for at least $10,000 US to complete the two classrooms project for school this September.

August 22, 2019

A conference for Pastors and leaders from various churches and communities in Northern Haiti was held last week on August 23-24. There were about 100 participants at the 2-day conference and Dr. Gardner spoke about how Christians can overcome feelings of grief, anger, and shame, and be set free to follow Christ. When the church is set free, it will be full of joyous believers who will be more fruitful in their lives and help change Haiti through love, because the church cannot show love when it is full of anger, grief, or shame. 

The conference was a great success and many books and pamphlets were given to the participants so they can share this important message with their churches. Pictures of the conference participants can be seen below, with Pastor Julio and Dr. Gardner kneeling in front of the pastors, as well as pictures taken during the services, pictures of the pastors eating around a tree and standing in front of the school building. 

December 19, 2018

Dear Friends of Beth Mission,

I am grateful to our wonderful God and Savior for His mercies and compassion. That is why we call our ministry "Beth" Mission because "Beth" means "mercy and compassion in the greek language. God has been very merciful and gracious to us and we want to spread this mercy throughout Haiti.

This website which we just launched today is a way that we hope to communicate with you about our ministry and keep you informed about what God is doing in Haiti through our ministry. As our school continues to grow, as we see more people come to salvation, and as we see more baptisms and weddings we want to share our joy with you.

Each month I plan to write a brief letter to tell you what the Lord is doing here and I hope that many of you will check this website regularly to learn about it. Your prayers and donations are greatly appreciated and we hope that many of you will come to visit us during short-term mission trips to Haiti.

The slide show, below, gives you some pictures of our school, church, and Haiti to help you understand more about Haiti and to visualize what God is doing here through our ministry.

We Love you and appreciate you,

Julio Jn Gilles, Pastor