Many thanks to several churches that recently sent  $8,000 for the school to purchase a generator.  Julio is now building a safe place to keep it.  The school now has a water source from its well and a large tank to store water.

**To make a donation please go to "MAKE DONATION HERE" button above.

100% percent of money donated is sent to the School in Haiti via MoneyGram. Please add the fee for credit or debit card (lower fee) on form.

Julio and the school have an urgent need for money for food. I was told more people are dying of starvation in Haiti than by the Covid Virus. School is back in session with over 400 students and 25 teachers for kids from first grade through High School. They need food, clothing-especially shoes and money for uniforms and school supplies.

If there is something you want to donate and need help in getting it to the school, please call Jim Liles 442-228-4197 in Bishop, CA (PST).

Thank you for joining with us in the ministry to spread the Good News to Haiti through our Church and through education. You can help us in one of three ways:

1.  By sending $25 per month you pay one child's tuition for a year.

2. By sending $250 you pay a child's tuition for an entire school year.

3.  By making a general donation you help provide for the most urgent need of this ministry.

If you want to mail something directly to Julio's School you can do the following:

Mail check, letter or small package to:

Julio Jn Gilles

Unit 1152 BGF

3170 Airmans Dr. , Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

(Do not put ‘Bethesda Ministry’ on envelope as it may not get delivered properly). It can take two months for Julio to cash a check sent through this address.

If you want to call Julio directly you must use  WhatsApp and call Julio's number:

Cell  011-509-3872-7207 (EST: same time zone as Florida)

Country: Haiti

If you have any questions about the website, please call Jim or Charlotte Liles in Bishop California at (442)-228-4197 (PST) ( is now a 501(c)3 in the state of California and donations may be tax deductible.

If you have any questions about donations write to:

JIM GARDNER, 22361 PINE RIDGE CIRCLE, POTEAU, OK 74953 or call him at 918-413-5475

or Jim Liles

1336 MacGregor Ave

Bishop, CA 93514


Current Projects and Needs

August 27, 2019.  I have had many parents approach me for help to assist with books and notebooks for their children. I pray that some good friends will join me to provide donations to buy some books and notebooks to give away to students. The school starts in two more weeks. 

September 10, 2019. We also need prayers for donations of at least $10,000 to complete the two classrooms being built on the second floor of the school building for 7th graders. Please pray for funds to complete this project by October 7th when school starts for the 7th graders.